ZINAIDA STOENESCU has the power to render health
article published in the magazine "FELICIA" , AN I, NR. 6, 20.07.2006

Sometimes miracles happen near us. We walk down the street with our worries, with our diseases, but also with hopes, without guessing that somewhere, perhaps close to us, there is the solution for everything that presses our soul. Maybe it is in this small apartment, lost in a block with four floors, in the residential district Bucharest Militari.
You would never say that here, just a few meters away from the usual to-and-fro of the city, you enter into another world. Into this world of miracle enter people affected by serious diseases, desperate but also with hope, especially when classical medicine doesn’t offer them anymore solutions.

Here is the consulting room of Zinaida Stoenescu, a biotherapist that brought to many people not only their health, but also the joy of living. A strong woman with thick eyebrows, like solid eaves for her deep and dark eyes. Her bright smile almost never leaves her face. She is one of the most famous bioenergotherapist in the country, with origins in the mysterious land of Bessarabia.
Born in Isaicani, Nisporeni district, Zinaida Stoenescu is 51 years old and for almost 14 years, she established in Romania, where she married a Romanian engineer that was initially her patient. Hundreds of peoples have come in her clinic, with various diseases: diseases of the thyroid gland, fibroma, thyroid nodes, ulcers, diseases of the nervous system, and diseases of the liver, heart valves, cataract and even leukemia.
She has treated of leukemia her own daughter, Lilia, to whom the doctors in Chisinau, Kiev and Moscow told she may not live any longer. Later, the same doctors who had to admit the girl was cured of leukemia said it was almost impossible for Lilia to have any children. Obviously, Zinaida is now the proud grandmother of two girls, the old one is Yamur ,8 years old and the small one is Damla, only 2 years old.

"I was born into a kind of shirt"

Zenaida’s source of energy is the universe. "I feel a golden rain of energy, like the petals of the sunflower, falls over me all the time. I can see the patient’s diseases but I can also see what it will happen in the future. The scenes just come to me, like the sequences of video, pictures about all this, says the therapist.
“I can predict any disasters, events that are happening in the world, even years before they become reality. In 1998 I wrote to the U.S. Embassy in Romania that a catastrophe will happen with The Twin Towers. I had visions with them crashed, but I did not know exactly when and how it will happen.”
She says she feels earthquakes or fires, wherever they take place and in general, all the major events underlying the destiny of mankind.
“I get these shivers, my physiognomy changes and all these signs about what is going to happen appear to me” said Zinaida.
Everything started in childhood. "I was born into a kind of shirt, made of something like a fine cloth. The midwife said this is divine sign. At 8 years old, she concentrated and in this way she saved herself from a swamp. Slowly, slowly she began to relieve pain, at the beginning the pain of her family members. "I was in VIII th grade when my mother had suffered an internal bleeding and doctors were skeptical she will survive. I stayed with her, I gently caressed her with my palms on her head and on her abdomen ... The next day, she left the hospital walking on her own legs.”
After she took her diploma as a medical nurse, she also became a bioenergotherapist at Chişinău, where she had the famous doctor Idiatnova as her master.
“I convinced Dr. Idiatnova of my skills after she watched the evolution of 5-6 sick persons I was treating at that time. By coincidence, they were all different cases: paralysis of limbs, partial paresis, ovarian cysts and so on. I succeeded in solving them all.  In only three days, she got my visa for Sakhalin, being accepted in the same time by Hospital’s City Hospital and by the Ministry of Health of the USSR, they all agreed me to work for them”, remembers Zinaida.
For two years she worked there, in that distant city in the Far Soviet East. “I still felt isolated ... Sakhalin was much too far away and I felt like I was at the end of the world. To convince me not to leave Sakhalin, they made a very convenient offer that I declined”.
After working in the early 90's in Poland, in a center for children with hypoacusis, Zinaida arrived in 1992 in Romania, in Focsani. This was the turning moment in her life, because here she will meet the one who will become her husband, the engineer Ovidiu Stoenescu. Zinaida decided in that moment to establish definitively in Romania. In 1993, the couple moved in Bucharest.

She receives information from an alien

Massages, energetic channeling, tea made of plants and secret recipes that are her “inheritance” from her grandmother, compresses with tea – all these are her secrets. This is the treatment following the diagnosis given after analyzing with her eyes and searching with her palms full of energy. The results are real. All the letters received from her former patients and the confessions are the real proof. Her patients are real people, with addresses and phone numbers, people who returned to normal life, after leaving Zinaida Stoenescu's consulting room.
Moreover, last year she expressed in a letter addressed to the Apostolic Nunciature in Bucharest that she wishes to heal Pope John Paul II and to restore his strength and his health. Unfortunately, time didn’t have patience with his destiny but since then Zinaida occasionally receives messages and invitations on various occasions from the Nunciature as a form of gratitude for her generous intentions.
The most strange and delicate part of the story, especially for those who believe only in what they see, feel and touch, is the story with ... Kardaba. A beautiful man, dressed in a metallic silver suit, who sometimes transmits to Zinaida what to do and helps her when she is in need.
The problem is that this Kardaba is ... an alien. “The first time he contacted me around '92. I woke up on a ship, lying on a table and he told me, actually he communicated telepathically with me: “you should do people good with your powers” and that he will help me. He sometimes tells me what sickness do some people have, how should I move my palms to heal them or what will happen to mankind and to people.
“It is shown to me, look here, under the forehead”, says therapist. She admits that cannot “read the bodies of the people dressed in black” but otherwise she has no problems. She claims that she can move her “astral body” in different places where people think of her and ask for her help.
Beyond all those things that may seem strange for unadvised people, Zinaida Stoenescu and her powers show their efficiency and the existing miracle through all the medical severe cases that she had resolved and through all the people she offered the chance to be happy and to enjoy the sunset but especially another sunrise.

·                     Exactly when I was visiting Zinaida Stoenescu at her clinic, she was treating with her miraculous hands a 67 years old man who just came from Oradea, Mr. Florian Gherman. His body was scattered by the pain caused by a chronic rheumatism polyarticular, which is added cervical spondylosis and lumbar sciatica. "I went to countless doctors, I tryed various treatments. I can not eat pills anymore, so many have used all these years! Until now, no result ... Instead, you look ... after only two sessions to Mrs. Zinaida I had the best days of... I do not know when. That's why I came back for other sessions, said the man. As for many of those are in need and that appeals to her coming who knows where the country, Zinaida has given Mr. Gherman not only hope, but also in hosting her own consulting room.
·                     One of the recent spectacular cases, extensively propagated though the media is the case of little Maria Popescu who is one year and a half old. Shortly after birth, she was diagnosed with perimembraneous ventricular septal defect. In other words, in her little heart, between the atrial and the left ventricle, there was a hole of 8 mm. The only chance was a surgery but she had to wait until she was at least 4 years old. Being desperate and not knowing what tomorrow can bring them, Maria’s parents put their hope into the miraculous healing gift of Zinaida Stoenescu. After two months of therapy, they took their little daughter to another medical check up and…surprise. The electrocardiogram has shown that the dimension of the hole reduced to 6 mm. After other months of bioenergetic sessions, the hole had a 3.6 mm diameter and it became already like a normal systolic murmur. Recently, another medical check showed clearly that the hole has only 2 mm and now Maria and her parents can hope that her life and her childhood will be normal.
Article written by Gabriel Penes

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